Video Production

A thorough approach to the video production process allows us to express your company’s vision in the best light possible. We will integrate your logos, letterhead, palette and color scheme allowing for one cohesive presentation of your companies’ product.
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Let’s take your business for a spin. We will find a way to integrate stills, motion, typography with your brand. Come to us with an idea, or let us help you in coming up with one together. We’re here from the beginning to work with you in realizing your vision, with a dash of our mojo.

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On a beach? In a stadium? Can only do one date in May? We can handle logistics. We will develop a fluid plan to carry out our concept and turn your idea into a concise, powerful video.

video production washington dc

[su_box title=”” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#c85643″ radius=”1″]We would like you to be there when the cameras are rolling. A large flatscreen monitor will be available for you to view the production in real time. See what we’re seeing, as your viewers will see it. [/su_box]

video production washington dc
Production has wrapped, time to throw on a layer of polish. We will add color, music, and a narrative. Don’t want that man’s tie to be red? No problem, we can change that. You will have a chance to review the final product several times before delivery, so it achieves the goals we set out to accomplish with it. Then, we will deliver it in a variety of formats, ready for youtube, vimeo, iphones, androids, blackberries, televisions and even theater screens. There’s no screen too small or too large.[/su_box]

Ready to begin? Let’s start production!